Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running kde's dolphin and gwenview in gnome

I recently installed the full KDE desktop environment in Ubuntu "Jaunty Jackalope".
I run the KDE desktop a lot less than gnome, but still enjoy the full features of KDE within the gnome shell.

I've discovered that the dolphin file manager is very powerful, and offers some features that I was looking for, specifically browsing image files nested within folders rapidly. One feature that could possibly bother some, is a great one for me! When you hover over images with your mouse, a preview of the image automatically appears as depicted here. If the file is clicked on, it opens gwenview.

I recently discovered gwenview and am thoroughly enjoying this app. It has pretty basic file editing capabilities including cropping and resizing. The cropping dialogue allows one to hand key in the dimensions, which is super nice. Gwenview also has a nice list of plugins that can be installed pretty easily. I went to add/remove and downloaded "DigiKam" which also bundles Kipi and then had the ability to create custom html and flash photo slideshows, which is a super fun way to do a quickie photo set for family or friends. Another cool feature is import and export from some of the networking/imaging services.